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I don't know how active this community still is, but I recently got a Juicy bracelet. My friend and I got them for each other and each got a charm for each other for our birthdays. We went to get them for each other for special occasions and stuff. Anyway, I'm looking to add more charms to it. Does anyone have any they're looking to sell and any other Juicy jewelery/items in general they're selling? I'm also looking for Viva La Juicy perfume if anyone has it that they're looking to sell. I recently smelled it and fell in love! I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but I thought I'd give it a shot and that this may be the best place to post this.

And so it's not text only, my new bracelet and first charm...

AND, my favorite Juicy bag at the moment..

Thanks in advance!
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