Kristen (coutureisqueen) wrote in nicecouture,

CONTEST (extended to end of sept)

especially and freshly made for nicecouture

winner will recieve;
her header made into a layout, credit, and 10 icons from me, 
and a $10 Starbucks giftcard
(not much, I know but enough for like 2 lattes?) all wrapped in some Juicy tissue and artwork!


-width must be min 500px and max 750px, height doesn't matter!
-obviously must pertain to the community
-try to incorporate the community name as well as a reference to Juicy Couture
-keep in mind Juicy Couture in terms of colors and topics 
i.e. no skulls and macabre unless you can figure out how to make it Juicy Couture, 
so some pastels and cake colors and couture and girly ideas may be your best option.
The more creative, the better.

I will create a poll at the end of the deadline for votes,
I'd like everyone to have a say, but ultimately it will be my choice, since it is my community. Other maintainers are encouraged to give opinions, as well as members!

ask questions in this post, and comment with your header and a direct link to it as well!


Tags: contest
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