Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in nicecouture,

Hi! ^_^

Hi girls!

I just received a new Juicy bag (the Earl in plaid) from yesterday, and I'm considering saving up for the plaid daydreamer, and maybe laptop case as well.

Do any of you own a daydreamer bag, or laptop case? I like how roomy the daydreamers look, but none of them have really jumped out at me as for something I'd actually carry. If you have pics that aren't stock photos, I'd love to see them. :)

I'll respond to the intro post when my internet connection is more stable, but for now, I've got some questions for you all.

So far, I've only bought Juicy handbags and some jewelry, but I'm thinking of venturing into clothing and sunglasses.

What's the quality like for the clothing and sunglasses? Specifically, I'm looking at the Sienna sunglasses, which are on right now.

I'm not really sure about clothing yet, since my main problem here is that I'm short - (I'm 5'2"), and I don't believe they make sizes in petites.

As far as jewelry goes, what's the wear on their silver plated stuff like? I'm not too fond of the gold since the finish wears off, so I'm wondering if the silver might wear a bit better. (I DO love my two necklaces in gold tone, though - I'll just be sad when the finish all wears away!)

That's all for now - sorry to bombard with questions. <3
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