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- create an outfit on polyvore, describing a "juicy girl"! must include at least 1 item that is Juicy Couture, but the rest can be other designers. 
- (optional) write a sentence or two, describing your outfit, and why the character is a "juicy girl", if you feel like you need a statement for your design!
- can be created in another medium, a la photoshop or paint, it doesn't have to be contained in polyvore.
*other designers and items used can be labelled, if you wish, but it won't make a difference!

how to enter:
comment on this entry, and link me the photo of your polyvore, embed it into the comment, or do a screencap of your piece! all comments are screened!

winner(s) will recieve:
#1 (First place);  a Starbucks giftcard, a handmade wearable art piece from me, a roll on Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" perfume, Juicy Couture knee high tube socks, all wrapped up in some Juicy Couture tissue!

Runners up; Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" perfume roll on!

you have until december 1st to complete!

Tags: contest
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cardi and shoes are juicy couture <3

Juicy Girls are part girly, part chic, part sexy. A follower of trends but not a slave to them, Juicy Girls know how to mix and match the current "it" items with classic pieces for very versatile, refreshing looks.
this is exactly what i pictured! let's see what everyone else comes up with! message me your address and i will send you the prizes :)
thanks!! im so glad this community is still doing stuff, i was worried it was dying, this is actually my first polvore lol ps how are you? i havent seen you around spoiledgirls and i know we dont really know each other but i miss your posts!

and if you just want to delete this after i have problems with lj messeges, my address is

Erin Smith
919 West Mountain Ave
South Williamsport, PA 17702

hey girly! just wondering if there were any updates on this contest?
Juicy look

*Handbag, necklace and earrings are Juicy Couture

I feel that the outfit I designed is a classic look. It's simple with the right amount of accessories which makes it just the right touch. Juicy girls are all about looking classy & stylish and always having the latest trends.